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As mentioned earlier, if the XMPP service is capable of handling pub-sub collections (: Pub Sub Collection Nodes), the node id for the collection node SHOULD be the UUID and the leaf child node SHOULD have the same node id as the transducer id listed in the meta node.

For example, an adapter may want to do this for reasons of security (allow some entities to subscribe/publish to transducer Y1 and a different set of entities to subscribe/publish to transducer Y2).

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The sensor also forgoes the use of a low-pass filter in order to maximize possible detail, especially with the use of Leica's outstanding lens lineups.

And, to make the camera a true professional's tool, Leica has incorporated internal DCI 4K (4096 x 2160) video recording at 24 fps in a Super35 mode, along with the L-Log gamma for maximum dynamic range.