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In Latvia there is no definition of substandard housing, but for rented accommodation there is a requirement that it should be "fit for living in", which is defined as being "residential space fit for living, fightable, healable, capable of providing long-term human shelter and accommodating households and compliant with building and health regulations.

Definition fr Substandard-Unterknfte, allerdings gelten fr Mietobjekte gewissen Anforderungen: Die "Wohnflche muss in bewohnbarem Zustand sein, darf keine gesundheitliche oder sonstige Gefhrdung darstellen, muss ein langfristiges Obdach bieten und Haushalten eine mit den baulichen und gesundheitlichen Vorschriften konforme Unterkunft gewhrleisten".

Much appreciate your help and support in this event and your continuing support to FP&M.

Best wishes."Email from Vern Hawkins to Rhea Dally: "Hats off to the FP&M staff for recognizing the number of workers and visitors in Alumni Hall and minimizing the water outage planned for today.

Thank you for all of your help with planning and making us feel so welcome. My husband and I were very proud to host our daughter’s engagement party at the Doylestown Inn.

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From four-thirty, when the president of our company and I faced each other across his desk, until eleven-thirty, when I left him at his door, we fought the thing back and forth. ” It was in that solemn morning hour, as I have said, that I formally retired from the business of being Everybody’s Friend.

They have completed their work in Alumni Hall, and the water is back on."Email from Larry Couture to Rhea Dally: "I work at Mech. We’ve had a problem this semester with a very slow drain in Room 0047 Black. I had the area mechanic [Lloyd Rasmussen] help me but the problem was more than we could handle with the tools that were available to us.

That’s why I’d like to thank Carl Mc Carley officially for doing such a complete and thorough job.

And honestly, the Inn will be my first choice for any future venues. ”“Our company enjoyed the alluring atmosphere and it’s variety of menu choices during a recent holiday party at The Hattery.

Thank you again for helping make all of this happen! The room was gorgeous, the food was delicious and Dave was the perfect host – could not have been better! The food presentation and flavors were delicious, and the staff was friendly and accommodating. ”“We had our company party at The Hattery this past December.