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ping Podcast has nothing to do with how your subscribers receive your episodes.

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Enjoy podcasts by streaming or downloading them directly to your i Phone, i Pad, i Pod touch, computer, or Apple TV.I believe (but haven't confirmed) that this depends on whether or not the podcast app, be it Apple's or third party, is still considered by the system.When it occurs I just open my podcast app and playback of the the last podcast resumes (unless I was streaming it in which case I may have to hit play.) Because this is a memory management issue there is no way to force the behavior you seek using a dedicated podcast app.More more information, read “Apple Drops i Tunes Podcast Directory Update Listing/Ping (ping Podcast) Function” by Angelo Mandato and “Apple removes Ping Feature Podcasters Need from i Tunes! For a laugh, here's that actual response I received from Gary, i Tunes Store Senior Advisor.Power Press is the best podcasting plugin for Word Press, and it just got better with Power Press 2.0!