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Therafirm Patterned Core-Spun Moderate Support is an everyday sock with ultra-stretchy core-spun yarns that make compression socks easier to don & more comfortable to wear.Improve circulation, prevent light swelling, and relieve tired, achy legs and feet!HOWEVER, I do not think it right that this sort of volunteer work seems to be expected of spouses, especially those who are married to officers and senior NCOs.Just like we should not "wear our servicemember’s rank," we should not be expected to take on duties and responsibilities due to our spouse’s service. Many of us have jobs and interests apart from our servicemember’s career. Are there expectations or assumptions placed on you (from Command, from FRG leaders, from wherever) that bother you or chafe you? What "duties" and "obligations" do we have, if any? If you don’t go, will it affect your husband’s career? DISCLAIMER: I happen to have the time and inclination to be very involved with DH’s career.Up until my baby was born and the command changed, I was a company-level FRG Co-leader.(Admittedly, it’s not necessarily helpful for Phil to start shouting that information during a dog walk.) And when it comes to Max, Sam definitely doesn’t sense the anxiety that’s dominating her daughter’s mental and emotional state, not until that get-together with a bunch of Sam’s friends where Max finally shares her feelings.“I don’t know what I’m going to do with my life,” she begins. That casual living-room conversation — a group chat IRL — is the centerpiece of this episode.

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I am actively involved in my husband’s unit and would never say anyone shouldn’t be!

When Frankie tells her she has a fever and can’t go to her soccer game, Sam refuses to absorb that information because it’s her turn to bring snacks.

When Phil tries to give Sam her pin numbers in case she unexpectedly croaks, Sam just walks away.

She calls out Frances, the busybody fellow soccer mom who asks her to pray for another mother suffering from an illness. ” Sam skeptically wonders.) She criticizes Phil for rambling on and on while ignoring cues from others.

At a restaurant, she really goes to town on Max for texting and not engaging with her (“Mom, I’m in a group chat.