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Notable as the film debut of Jessica Alba, who appears as one of the campers.

WHEN YOUNG pop singer Minami Minegishi, 20, broke her no-dating promise recently, she apologized by shaving off all her hair and weeping in public (see above, left).

Dennis, in turn, has to find some way to hide and/or come up with the cash.

The four junior high kids hire Dennis to pose as the lead counselor for each of their camps, while convincing their parents that they cannot visit.

I think the attendant held his own ears, but it may have been the parliamentarian’s ears. “Waiter, this soup is cold, fall to the ground and give me 100 push-ups.” There’s no denying the power of old-fashioned apologies.

Husbands: Next time you screw something up (ie, later today), try this: *** YOUTHFUL DESPOT Kim Jong-Un has finally bought a smartphone. So now we know where he got the idea for his country’s hobby of firing missiles in all directions: Angry Birds.

He made his attendant do “50 sit-ups holding his ears”, newspapers said.

Guests examined the history of slavery and freedom in 19th century America through the life and writings of Frederick Douglass.

After escaping slavery, Douglass wrote Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass: An American Slave and spoke frequently on the abolitionist lecture circuit.

Sometime after that, Roman men also presented rings to women as the ring symbolizes ownership. Some people may regard promise rings as something that is unnecessary and excessive.

Therefore, you can see that both engagement and wedding rings have existed for quite some time. Most people will end up getting engaged anyway, so why do you have to create a step between dating and getting engaged?