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We have been criticized in the letter for ignoring this hastily published report.

Our reasons for not quoting this second report must be discussed.

Binding of the antibody requires denaturation of the DNA, usually by exposing the cells to acid or heat. The Br substitution can be used in X-ray diffraction experiments in crystals containing either DNA or RNA.

The Br atom acts as an anomalous scatterer and its larger size will affect the crystal's X-ray diffraction enough to detect isomorphous differences as well. A carbon substrate added to incubations of environmental samples will cause the growth of microorganisms that can utilize that substrate.

Many neurons in these nuclei are born on E12, but some neurons are generated as late as E16.

The arcuate and ventromedial nuclei exhibit a relatively longer neurogenic period.In this work, a series of images illustrating different degrees of nuclear troponin staining have been obtained with a variety of antigen retrieval methods.These findings have been interpreted as unequivocal documentation of the expression of troponin I in myocyte nuclei, independent from the age of the cells, rather than the consequence of alterations in nuclear pore complexes in senescent cardiomyocytes with nuclear translocation of proteins physiologically restricted to the cytoplasm.The hypothalamus plays a critical role in the regulation of energy balance.Neuroanatomical and mouse genetic data have defined a core circuitry in the hypothalamus that mediates many of the effects of leptin on feeding and energy balance regulation.