Assertivenes in dating

It is based on the belief that you have the right to be listened to and taken seriously, to say no without feeling guilty, to ask for what you want, to make mistakes.At the same time, you acknowledge that the other person has identical rights.Assertiveness gives you an edge over everything without having to lose out anything.To be assertive the preconditions are that you need to be mature enough to accept things as they are, you should be confident about yourself and you must have the courage to be what you are.When you like someone you wish to know more about them and as such arrange for meetings and dates that will allow you to spend some quality time with the person you like.The first date itself sends out nervous pangs and then asking for a second date can be a bit too much to ask for.Infants and young children have direct ways of making their needs and desires known.

In the following article we will discuss how to be assertive in dating.

Assertive communication demonstrates self-respect and self-confidence, in addition to awareness of and respect for others.

It begins when you look at the world from the position that you are worthwhile and have rights AND that others are also worthwhile and have rights.

Assertive dating also requires that you are a good listener along with a good speaker.

You should have the skills to be able to lend an ear to your date partners thoughts, emotions and needs.